Programming in the automation of technological processes

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Programming as an element of creativity

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All hardware is developed in Ukraine at the enterprise"Microlog". The created devices work effectively throughout Ukraine, from Lugansk and Donetsk, to Lvov and Odessa..
blank.jpg Compressor control system
blank.jpg Kaolin kiln
blank.jpg Production of paving slabs
blank.jpg Utilization of thermal energy from flue gases
blank.jpg Production of mortar, concrete
blank.jpg Furnace main drive control
blank.jpg Hardening of steel blanks
blank.jpg Solid fuel supply for combustion
blank.jpg Electrostatic precipitator regulators V1
blank.jpg Electrostatic precipitator regulators V2
blank.jpg Electrostatic precipitator regulators V3
blank.jpg Electrostatic precipitator regulators V4
blank.jpg Brick kiln
blank.jpg Ceramic kiln
blank.jpg Glass furnace
blank.jpg Glass furnace working channel
blank.jpg Fiberglass production
blank.jpg Basalt fiber production
blank.jpg Muffle furnace control
blank.jpg Melting furnace and mixer control
blank.jpg Иoiler room control
blank.jpg Boiler plant control
blank.jpg Fuel combustion control
blank.jpg Heating of blanks for forging
blank.jpg Belt scale batcher
blank.jpg Flame transfer controller
blank.jpg Process parameter recorder
blank.jpg Distributed Intelligence Controllers
blank.jpg Crushing unit controller
blank.jpg Gas flow corrector
blank.jpg Autoclave controller
blank.jpg Remote control of the pumping station
blank.jpg Technological parameter meter
blank.jpg Gas / air ratio regulator
blank.jpg Bottle pressure test regulator
blank.jpg PID controller of technological parameters
blank.jpg Bulk material batcher
blank.jpg Intelligent display module
blank.jpg Cluster Display Modules
blank.jpg Boiler water supply regulation
Personal computer software
blank.jpg For microcontroller calibration
blank.jpg Kiln kiln workstation
blank.jpg Workstation of the brick kiln operator
blank.jpg Workstation for a glass furnace operator
blank.jpg Elevator thermometry
blank.jpg Workstation of the operator of a turbocompressor unit
blank.jpg Mini-plant programming environment
blank.jpg Workstation of the operator of the thermal energy utilization complex
blank.jpg Operator's workstation for boiler room control
blank.jpg Program for collecting and displaying information for registrars
blank.jpg Operator's workstation for maintenance of electrostatic precipitators
Software for smartphones and tablets
blank.jpg Sea battle game
blank.jpg Sea battle game
blank.jpg PhotoNote
blank.jpg PhotoNote

Automation of production. Art of control.
Automation of production... Development, production and implementation of automated control systems, regulation and management of technological processes. Quality assurance.